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April 12th, 2004
12:45 pm


Uh oh I was bad i just had some chocolate from Easter! Ha, I went to florida last week for vacation... I saw my cousins Mickey, Christoph, and Katia. My Uncle Emil, Aunt Maha, and my grandma Ita! We went by train so i saw states i never seen before like NC, SC, Washington D.C., Maryland, Philadelphia, Deleware and such. It was bad when we slept. It was funny everytime we say Tornado, Katia would pronounce is TOMATO! We saw St. Augustine, stayed at the Hall Of Fame Golfing Renaissance place, Went to the University of Florida (A LOT OF BUILDINGS, HUGE!) and the farm lands. It was nice. Yesterday I got home and after my cousin Anita and my Aunt (Tea) Goya came. Tea Goya got me chocolate for Easter... which i was just eating some of it. Hehe. And Gwendi came over too. We watched this model thing on tv... skinny bitches haha. Jk... I wish I could be one sadly. Cause everything is based on looks now, hardly matters anymore what you are on the inside, so it seems. Well whatever. Bye.


You are one big mess of misunderstood emotions.
Unfortunatelly you lost all of your friends
once you started wearing only black, Gap
sweaters and fake glasses. The good news is
that you now have a whole new ring of
anti-social, well-dressed friends. You sure got
a way with style, and the music you listen to
is enough to make even the hardest of people
break down in tears. Times used to be tough,
but these days life is pretty good for an emo
kid. With your short black hair and morbid
poetry you are the envy of every depressed,
suicide attempting, starbucks drinking mallgoer
in your town.

What is your anti-conformist personality?
brought to you by Quizilla

Which Legendary Actress are you?

I love Audrey Hepburn... great role model... i would say anyways.

Current Mood: refreshedrefreshed
Current Music: Belinda Carlisle - Heaven is a place on Earth. (Go 80's!)

March 24th, 2004
07:47 pm


You Stuff
*Alter-Ego* Verceg
*Age youd like to be forever* 22
*Where youd like to live* Europe
*What's Your Favorite thing about you* My hair when it's straight.
*What Kind of Plastic Surgery do you want* People should be natural and want to have their own unique look.
*Coolest Stuff* Cd's

Your Friends
*Most Mental Disorders* All of them.
*Most Insane in General* All of them.
*Friend who reminds you of you* There's only one me, so... none.
*nicest friend* Alanna.
*friend you can always talk to* Jm.Hw.Ad.Ms.Hc.Ac.
*friend you wanna be* They all have different qualities to admire.
*funniest friend* All of them are.
*weirdest friend* All.
*the voice of reason* Jess
*the voice inside your head* Uh... me?

*pro choice or pro life* pro choice
*pro guncontrol* yes
*capitalist, socialist, communist* i dunno, politics doesn't interest me much
*conservative, in the middle, liberal* either or.
*pro gay marriage* yea
*french pussies* thats not nice, they have their own opinions
*blame canada* i dont blame them...
*america should be more like* england
*bush is a...* losA

*best movie ever* the goonies
*best teen movie* scary movie (is that a teen movie?)
*movie you thought you'd hate, but loved* I don't think there is a movie I thought I would hate, but loved.
*guilty pleasure movie* don juan de marco (Johnny Depp HOTTNESS)
*best sequal* Lord Of The Rings or Harry Potter they arent really sequals there is more than one movie about it tho!
*favorite star wars* um they are each good
*how many times did you see pirates of the carribean* oh gosh like... 15?
*best cartoon on tv* daria, taz manian devil
*vh1 or mtv* they are both cool man
*comedie central or cartoon network* comedy central
*nbc, abc, or cbs* nbc
*best show in sindication* that 70s show, friends, will&grace... more
*best girl show* I dunno
*best teen show* The Osbournes
*oc or one tree hill* the oc
*simpsons or futurama* simpsons

*favorite band(s)* TOO MANY TO LIST!!!
*favorite song* TOO MANY!!
*band you wish would reform* Nirvana
*best song on the radio* Silver and Cold by AFI
*last album you bought* Um.. I forget...
*last album you listened to* Queens Of The Stone Ages
*beatles or rolling stones* BOTH! More beatles...
*brit pop or brit punk* brit punk
*bright eyes or metallica* metallica
*blink 182 or sum 41* blink182
*the hives or the vines* both
*the cure or the smiths* ummm the cure
*the doors or the who* the who
*bob marley or jimi hendrix* BOB MARLEY!!
*the strokes or the white stripes* ahhh BOTH!
*britney or christina* neither... ever
*sex pistols or the clash* i like them both these questions aren't fair
*nsync or backstreet boys* NEITHERRRRR!
*lou reed or iggy pop* IGGY POP ROX!
*band to listen to when pissed* Hmm... a lot.
*band to listen to when happy* Beatles
*band you wished you could say you listened to* What? Who asks a question like that... you don't wish ya just do

Random Shit
*best fast food* mcdonalds
*newbury comics or hot topic* newbury comics
*is cvs the shit* sure...
*who should have won american idol* never watched the last 2...
*should malcom in the middle be cancelled* i dunno never watched it
*is carrot top annoying* i personally dont like it
*corn dogs are...* yummy? i dunno never tried one
*cats or dogs* dogs
*weirdest family member* me
*pro cheese* hahaha
*are you getting bored* yeah
*is this the end* um no one more
*were there too many music questions* Not really..

Current Mood: amusedamused
Current Music: AFI-Days Of The Pheonix

March 14th, 2004
05:36 pm


0o0o0oh, baby do you know what that's worth? Ooh, Heaven is a place on Earth.. They say in Heaven...

LOVE comes first. We'll make Heaven a place on Earth. Ooh, Heaven is a place on Earth... So... Gym officially SuX! Hehe... Friday I went to Alanna's and Gwendi was there and we were bored and I of course wanted to see my beloved Johnny Depp in theaters, but my friends aren't into him and his type of movies... soooooo we went to Deanna's and she had a friend named Michelle from camp over. This was all during when the Semi was happening in the Highschool. Townies... ugh. I feel like I'm in a typical school, like they have in movies and shows. Anyways, we went to Deanna's and we tried out some alcohol that was bad and was like for grownups. There was a Samuel Adams bottle we had to empty and Alanna and I were told to put it in the sewer... but we saw a car so we put it under there. It's "OUR SEWER." There were also cat's in the house and Alanna is reallyyy afraid of them. She saw a cats fae pop out from the top of the stairs and said AAH! Haha.. shes sooo funny. Then we left and were singing in the streets Hey now Hey now this is what dreams are made of with hands in the air and saying sing to me PABLO! SING TO ME! and Oh baby do you know what thats worth oh heaven is a place on earth song. Then we went to this father dance thing with all these dads dressed up putting a show on for the kids at the middle school. It was right near Gwendi's house so that was good. So Deanna, Michelle, Alanna, Gwendi and I stole toilet paper and later just threw them in trees. And then went to Gwendi's and I got picked up. Sat it was Gwendi's surprise bday party. We went to applebees. Then Alanna and I went to Gwendi's/ Then later met up with these ppl i think jackie shannon and matt? and were planning to go bowling were i saw an alcohol beverage i wanted stolen so i can drink it but no and i had to be home by like 10:30 (thx to parents) and so we couldnt bowl cause the next open place was 9:00 and so alanna gwendi and i left with jessie and her friend kathleen and went to sportsworld for a little then i got dropped off home and that was it. Yup... laterRrRr
oh heres a pic of tiff (red hair) me in the middle and alanna.... yup

 ok u cant see that can u?

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March 8th, 2004
04:45 pm


Quizzes... ive been so good i havent taken them in a while
You, my friend are a true individual. You most
likely hate trends and are creative. By seeing
things differently, people either admire you or
think you are a bit strange. I'm guessing you
are a lot like me. Perhaps a Good Charlotte
hater? I hope so. An inspiration to us all,
continue being you! (If you like GC, I'm sorry,
I am just expressing an opinion)

A Deeper Look Inside Yourself (with pics)
brought to you by Quizilla

I would say i hate GC and i do not hate trends tho... fashion is cool to me. I guess.

Ghost or spirit: You are a lost soul. Very calm and
sweet, you are often the one who asks: What if?
With a clever mind, you want to explore the
world on a different level. Without the
answers, you aren't ready to move on. You are
most likely very creative and find yourself
thinking things through on a different level.
(please rate my quiz)

**Where will you go when you die?**(now with pics)
brought to you by Quizilla

Rain: You are the sound of rain. You have two
important sides. There is your strong, powerful
side and your calm, gentle side. Both are very
important. Rain also reflects a bit of darkness
in your personality. It isn't bad, just shows
that along with the good, you also can see bad,
which can come in handy. (please rate my quiz)

What Sound Are You?(now w/ pics)
brought to you by Quizilla

innocent kiss
innocent kiss - you're cute and sweet and like it
that way

What Sign of Affection Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

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Current Music: Ramones - Poison Heart

February 28th, 2004
02:53 pm


Bored so what the haaaay
[last called you]: Alanna
[you last emailed]: That's a toughy, I don't use e-mail much.
[went to the mall w/ u]: Alanna Emily and Kathleen.
[is ur best friend]: JM.KatV.AD.HC.AC.AB.
[makes u laugh the most?]: They all do.
[makes you smile]: Um, I don't smile much, only when I laugh.
[gives u a funny feeling when u see them]: This guy in school who straighten his hair. He freaks me out for some reason.
[easier to talk to: boys or girls ?]: I'm not sure... tie?
[have you known the longest]: Jamie.
[do you cry to]: Jess or Ally or Hily.


[red]: my room
[cow]: moo
[grass]: chew it
[zebra]: nostrals
[socks]: feet
[blue]: sky
[mirror]: shine
[cracker]: fooood
[france]: passion
[zine]: neon green
[aol]: LOL (laugh out loud)
[jelly]: moosh

[day/night]: night
[summer/winter]: winter
[lace/satin]: satin
[tape/cd]: cd
[lust/love]: LOVE
[on phone/in person]: person
[gold/silver]: silver
[scary/happy movies]: scary

[color]: black grey red
[scent]: Ralph Lauren
[ice cream flavor]: mint choco chip (ha alie and hily)
[holiday]: Holloween or Thanksgiving
[shampoo]: Garnier Fructis
[furniture]: My little dangly vintage looking candle holder
[number]: 3
[emotion]: Calm
[food]: Buffalo Chicken
[drink]: Water
[fast food]: Don't know.
[school subject]: Drama... if only I still did it.
[animal]: White Tiger or Moose or Monkey.
[car]: Jetta
[shoes]: Anything comfy and a little stylish.
[sport to play]: Tennis.
[sport to watch]: Basketball.
[band]: Too many.
[flower]: White Oleanders
[cartoon character]: Taz (-manian devil)
[ook]: Ook? I dunno.
[tv show]: That 70's Show, The Osbournes, Rock Countdown, Friends, Will & Grace.
[song]: Tooooooo many.
[language]: Italian, French, Spanish, or Portuguese.
[weekend activity]: Sleeeep!!!!!!!!!!
[roller coaster]: I dunno... not too big a fan of those... I wish I was.
[font]: Kidprint
[store]: Too many.

H A V E Y O U / D O Y O U / A R E Y O U
[obsessive]: Of what? Johnny depp maybe.
[take a shower everyday]: Yup.
[want to go to college] YES.
[like high school]: Sure, I don't see why not.
[want to get married]: Yes.
[believe in yourself]: No.
[have piercings]: On my ears.
[get motion sickness]: I don't think so.
[have high self esteem]: Not at all, sadly.
[get along w/ your parents]: Sometimes.
[like thunder storms]: Yup.
[sit on the internet all day waiting for someone special to get on AIM?]: I used to.
[cried because of someone saying something mean to u]: Yeah..
[done something u regret]: Ha, YEAH!
[color ur hair]: Highlighted it once, I think it is out tho now.
[ever get off the computer]: Sometimes...
[habla espanol]: Yeah sometimes. In spanish class or when I'm talking to my grandma who confuses the language for me.
[have a crush]: I dunno anymore... maybe its still there. Well it is, I don't want it to be.

[could u live without the computer?]: Well, I guess I could ... Yeah I can, If there is more adventure around me.
[how many peeps are on ur buddylist?]: 176
[how many peeps do you block?]: all the people I do not like. And the people not on my b-list.
[drink alchohol?]: Not much anymore.
[like watching sunrises or sunset]: Sunset.
[what hurts the most? physical pain or emotional pain?]: Emotional pain.
[trust others way too easily?]: Not anymore.
[is cheerleading a sport?]: No... it's a hoochie dance.
[last time slept with stuffed animal]: Prol. last month. Hehe.
[houses lived in]: 7.
[schools gone to]: Southbury School. 1 for preschool, one for elementry school. Then an Elementry school in Ohio. Then Plymouth River Elementry school, then HMS then HHS then RHS.
[bedroom carpet]: It's going to be an Idian design carpet.
[would you shave ur head for $5000]: No...100,000,000 then HELL YEAH!
[age for marriage]: late 20's.
[last film seen in theatre]: 50 first dates
[what do you eat for breakfast?]: Orange juice.
[bedtime]: Depends each night.
[best feature]: On me.. none, on others (preferably guys) eyes.
[pet peeve]: I dunno..
[my most overused phrase]: "No." or "I was being fasicious."
[first thing i think of in the morning]: It's time to get up? Oh, well I'm gonna go back to sleep.
[last thing i think of before i fall asleep]: Let me fall asleep and dream of JD or Davey Havok or some hot guy.
[best name for butler]: Winston.
[greatest accomplishment]: Being alive and manage to put a smile on my face.
[most missed memory]: Too many.
[# of children i want]: 3
[at age 20...]: In college.
[dream wedding]: At a cathedral in France.
[how do you want to die]: Old in my sleep.
[future job]: Too many things I want to be, fashion designer, interior decorator, psychologist, guidance counselor.
[future residence]: Europe.

[i love]: Music, Johnny Depp, Family, Friends, Pets, Vintage things, Boheemian things, Black and White Pictures, Pillows, the stars, the bands, the heart, my stuff animal, my home, boys.
[i miss]: My friends in Mass.
[i fear]: Being alone for the rest of my life.
[i wonder]: About a lot of things.

Current Mood: A sampi sana squash banana
Current Music: HAKUNAMATATA... no -lostprophets-last train home

02:36 pm


Well... change, chacha changes...
*Note* I told people at my lunch table that I feel out of the shower once. Ha I laughed till I cried haha. My dad and mom were like did something fall... I'm like noo.... Haha.
Our table has changed a little. It is now *Moi* if course, Alanna, Gwendi, Alyssa, Tiffanie, Katrina, Edwin, Maggie... and sometimes Fabionce (Fabio) --Edwins friends who sometimes throws spit balls at our table with Tequito (Tequila) --Another friend of Edwins.
Lately, there has been fights... but I will not list who... Fights... dumb, dumb,dumb.
Maggie is the new girl in our school. She's.. I dunno...

Maggie Gwendi and I were at Alanna's last night. Had pizza and went to her room. I heard Maggie flashed them? I dunno. Me and Gwendi flashed ppl later hahaha at her house. But before at Alanna's her brother was making fun of my ass and put some J.Lo song on. Oh well. I told Alanna she probably should make fun of me (even tho she doesnt regurarly) because it will make me stronger for the future. Then we walked Maggie to the train. Then we walked to Gwendi's. There Alyssa joined us as we watched movies and ate more food haha yum. Then Jessie (Gwendi's sister) was outside with her friend Kathleen and Adrian was there. Saw them through a window. I met Gwendi's family and her adorable neice Nautica.
I got mad at Alanna earlier for something, but we recovered. And I only got mad because I care.

I'm sick of how I dress... doesn't express me much. Oh well. I'm trying to look for a retro 60's look. I dunno hehe.
I worked out yesterday...fun... ahh raaah!

Current Mood: indescribableindescribable
Current Music: The sound of my dog breathing...

February 26th, 2004
03:49 pm


Crap!! I fell today on the stairs... twice in a row... once i fell my ankle hurt so I fell again 'cause my leg was useless. I hear KAREN!! From upstairs and laughing. I pulled on to some kid and he goes fuck. And I'm like sorry... I got major clumsy problemas... oh well lets just let it go with the flow... but that bad part was that I was with Maggie a new girl and Gwendi. I don't mind Gwendi 'cause we're friends, I can make a fool of myself infront of her and I don't mind. But Maggie is NEW to the school and I don't know her that well, and she will always remember me as the girl who fell on the stairs and made a jackass our of herself. Oh well.

Current Mood: disappointeddisappointed
Current Music: Led Zeppelin - Stairway to Heaven...cowinkydink on stairs

February 23rd, 2004
04:29 pm


Thingy... I'm bored... sue me?
+ 001. name : Whyyyy? Karen.
+ 002. nicknames : Verceggie Verceg Ceggie... Things with my last name.
+ 003. sex : Femal
+ 004. birthday : June 20th
+ 005. age : 15
+ 006. star sign : Gemini... the twins... watch out for those mood swings!
+ 007. place of birth : Farmington, CT (Interesting, it says farm... but its not farmland.) Yeah... so nowhere special.
+ 008. current residence : My room.
+ 009. hair color : Brown
+ 010. eye color : Brown/Hazel...
+ 011. height : 5'9... tall right?
+ 012. writing hand : Righty

+ 013. do you bite your nails : No, not anymore.
+ 014. can you roll your tongue : Yeah...
+ 016. can you raise one eyebrow at a time : YUP! It's a specialty of mine.
+ 017. can you blow smoke rings : What???
+ 018. can you blow spit bubbles : Yes.. heh.
+ 019. can you cross your eyes : Sure can!
+ 020. colored hair : Well I had it highlighted a long time ago, but now it seems natural.
+ 021. tattoos : I wish, If I did I'd have a tribal tattoo on the back of my shoulder :o)!!
+ 022. piercings and where : My ears.
+ 023. do you make your bed daily : No, but I close my door so my parents don't know... otherwise they'd yell at me.
+ 025. which shoe goes on first : Switched on and off, but I'm guessing my right one?
+ 036. speaking of shoes, have you thrown one at someone : If anyone my sister, but I don't believe I have... well lately.
+ 037. how much money is usually in your wallet : NONE, I'd say 15-20.
+ 038. what jewelry do you wear 24/7 : my capecod bracelete, my silver bracelete, my watch, my grandma's old ring, my tiffany's ring, a new ring my daddy and mommy gave to me, a beeded bracelete, earings, and tiffany necklace. (Unfortunately everyone has them.)
+ 039. whats sexiest on a guy : First.. personality, and I'm not just saying that to seem sweet... but that's completely true to me. Otherwise eyes, BUTT, and smile.
+ 041. would you rather be on time and look ok or late and look great : on time and ok... I hate being late, I miss things.
+ 042. do you twirl your spaghetti or cut it : Both :oD!
+ 043. how many cereals are in your cabinet : I dunno, one? Honey nut cheerios. That's all I know of.
+ 044. what utensils do you use eating pizza : Fork and Knife. Hands...
+ 045. do you cook : RARELY... I just learned to make some stuff lately. Unbelievable, ey?

+ 046. how often do you brush your teeth : 2 times a day.
+ 047. how often do you shower/bathe : Everyday.
+ 048. how long do these showers last : I dunno, I would have to say no less than 20. It's one of my many incapabilities. I like long showers.
+ 049. hair drying method : Air dry. I leave it all grunge like.
+ 050. do you paint your nails : No, if I did, they would be black. But my parents don't like it, so no.
+ 051. do you swear : Not, really. Unless I'm expressing and emotion of loathing.
+ 052. do you mumble to yourself : Haha... probably. I'd say so.
+ 053. do you spit in public : Never.
+ 054. do you pee in the shower : No, I pee in the toilet. Do you pee in the shower?
+ 055. in the cd player : AFI CD - Title: The Art Of Drowning
+ 056. person you talk most on the phone with : Alanna and Gwendi, they got me hooked... I'm starting to go back to my phone phobia... I'm not a phone person. Not a typical teenager.
+ 057. what color is your bedroom : Red
+ 058. do you use an alarm clock : Yes, my mommy. Hehe..
+ 059. name one thing or person you're obsessed with?: Johnny Depp. Flat out... no question about it.
+ 062. window seat or aisle : Car... window. Airplane... aisle. Well.... it depends on an Airplane. If I'm going to Europe... window.
+ 063. whats your sleeping position : I am the craziest sleeper ever. I kick and shove and move around A LOT! So I wouldn't know.
+ 064. what kind of bed do you like : Big comfy ones.
+ 066. do you snore : Ha, probably. I dunno.
+ 067. do you sleepwalk : Nope. Well, I don't believe so.
+ 068 do you talk in your sleep : Yes!!!!! ALL THE TiME! Usually it's a mumble. It's a sign that you don't express your feelings in real life. Not a good sign :o/.
+ 070. how about the light on : NO! I like the darrrrrrrk.
+ 071. do you fall asleep with the tv or radio on : Radio helps a lot, so does tv. It depends what I'm doing before I sleep, but I use both.

+ 072. had sex : Not yet... :o).. I'm such an angel.
+ 074. watched bambi : I think it was at Lindsey and Jamie's house.
+ 075. cried : I dunno, I do that like everyday before I fall asleep.
+ 076. talked on the phone : Errr... well I didn't yesterday. Saturday I think.
+ 077. read a book : Today... well I didn't read it all, but I'm reading it.
+ 078. punched someone : Um, yesterday probably. My daddy is like a punching bag to me... haha, I feel bad now. I never got the chance to actually punch someone with dislike... I WANT TO THO! :oD
+ 079. where do you see yourself ten years from now : Some job, having to do with either psychology or the arts.
+ 080. who are you gonna be married to and where : Johnny Depp of course. Haha, I wish. Some cathedral in Europe. (Hopefully in Italy or France.)
+ 081. how many kids do you want to have : 3
+ 082. your profession : Either a Psychologist, Fashion designer, Interior Decorator, Writer, Poem Writer, Song writer, or a Guitarist.

+ 086. what friend makes you smile the most : I think they all make me smile, if they didn't I wouldn't be friends with them.
+ 085. what friend do you hang out with the most: Well ever since I moved... I'd say Alanna.
+ 087. friend that you fight with the most : I dunno...
+ 088. one you talk to the most online : I dunno this either.
+ 089. friend that you miss the most : A lot of them... too many to list.

+ 096. pop music : No.
+ 097. rock music : Yes. Of course. It's one of my passions.
+ 098. punk music : Yes.
+ 099. rap music : No. Only missy elliot and nas. Missy Elliot is so unique and Nas get's good points across.
+ 100. hip-Hop/RB : No.
+ 101. country : No.
+ 102. jazz : Yes.
+ 103. classical : Yes.
+ 104. new age: Uh, that would be? Hey what about Oldies? Got to love those.
+ 105. what is one band/singer you absolutely love that no one else does or seems to have heard about : Vandetta Red.. maybe people have heard of them. I dunno.

Anyways... I dunno. Today I had GYM. Tomorrow I have to run, raaaaah. And it's out in the COLD! DAMMiT! JUST TO MAKE IT WORSE! Gym is fun because Gwendi, Helen and Shushaun are there. Liz too. Helen is funnyyyyy and angry. Yup. Day 4 tomorrow... this suuucks I have every class that day. Trainer tomorrow too. I'm gonna die in gym... I dunno how I'm gonna do both.

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Current Music: Foo fighters- Learn to fly

February 21st, 2004
06:53 pm


Advanced Big 30 Personality Test Results
Sociability ||||||||||||||| 46%
Gregariousness ||||||||||||||| 50%
Assertiveness |||||||||||||||||| 58%
Activity Level ||||||||||||||| 46%
Excitement-Seeking |||||||||||||||||| 58%
Enthusiasm ||||||||||||||| 46%
Extroversion ||||||||||||||| 50%
Trust |||||||||||||||||| 58%
Morality |||||||||||||||||| 58%
Altruism ||||||||||||||||||||| 70%
Cooperation ||||||||||||||| 42%
Modesty |||||||||||||||||| 58%
Sympathy |||||||||||||||||||||||| 78%
Friendliness |||||||||||||||||| 60%
Confidence ||||||||||||||| 50%
Neatness ||||||||||||||| 46%
Dutifulness ||||||||||||||||||||| 70%
Achievement ||||||||||||||| 42%
Self-Discipline ||||||||||||||| 42%
Cautiousness ||||||||||||||| 50%
Orderliness ||||||||||||||| 50%
Anxiety ||||||||||||||||||||| 66%
Volatility ||||||||||||||||||||| 66%
Depression ||||||||||||||||||||| 62%
Self-Consciousness ||||||||||||||||||||| 66%
Impulsiveness |||||||||||||||||||||||| 74%
Vulnerability ||||||||||||||||||||| 62%
Emotional Stability |||||||||||| 34%
Imagination |||||||||||||||||||||||||||| 86%
Artistic Interests |||||||||||||||||||||||||||| 82%
Emotionality |||||||||||||||||||||||| 78%
Adventurousness |||||||||||||||||||||||| 74%
Intellect ||||||||||||||||||||| 66%
Liberalism |||||||||||||||||| 58%
Openmindedness |||||||||||||||||||||||| 74%
Take Free Advanced Big 30 Personality Test

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February 20th, 2004
02:01 pm


VACATiON... oh no and its almost overRr
I just had a yogurt. Vanilla yogurt... mmmmm. GOsh i was watching this video where this grl ONLY uses they dont love you like i love you.... um her voice sounds like a goat but ha i will prol end up liking them. hmmm Yeah yeah yeahs? maps? whatever anyways beginning of vaca just relaxed but friday i went to the movies as you know and then sat sunday monday i chilled and then tuesday i excersized and when i got back i met alanna with her lil bro downtown then we made plans that night to go to The Office with Alanna Me my sister and her friend Emily. Then we came back watched a walk to remember. Gwendi and Tiff are in florida together. Ummm lets see then wednsday me and alanna went to this place to get desert mmmmmmmm shudnt have done that but oh well... thennnnn we went back to my house and watched the O.C. and Kathleen and her friend Emily (same emily shes funny she is gonna be famous (so she says.)) And Ashley. Alanna and I watched the O.C. with them. Such a dramatic show. Mrs. Cooper you are an amazing GIRL... i mean lady. Oh Luke your too hott for her. And Marissa is becoming an obsessed ex gf ahaha and seth and summer funny shit and poor anna shes so much cooler but seth and anna are the same person in diff genders so whatever. Then yesterday Alanna Kathleen Emily and I went to the mall. I love hanging with my sister i guess and Emily is nice. But Alanna and I decided to separate from them at the mall for a little. We got DOTS ICECREAM baaaaad idea ive eaten so bad this week!!!! Haha but ive still managed to go down a paintsize i tried on these pants that were my goal and i was soooooo afraid that id get depressed knowing they wudnt fit me AND THEY FIT ME!!!! IT WAS A VALENTINES DAY MIRACLE even tho valentines day is gone but thats the only holiday thats been around right now. Hmmm I talked to Gwendi today she got back this morning 2 am in the morning. Ummm and im gonna go excersize at 3... kk ttyl bye
I like my first aid cabinet kit box whatever it is ... rah suxxxxxxx i decide im gonna try and stop
Johnny Depp is my trrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrue love.

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